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Daring series (Outdoor)

D series - (pre release)

D series are the smallest pitch for outdoor advertising use in HD display. Waterproof Ultra-thin & ultra-light, high protection. It is very ingenious but very powerful.We constantly breakthrough on the technology and design only for the achievement of beginner's mind --Make a better outdoor HD display series products.

  • Minimalist design, ultra-thin and lightweight

    Make installation quickly, greatly improve the operational convenience, saving labor cost compared with the traditional.

    High-definition, present perfectly

    High intensity ensures delicate lifelike images; high contrast, faster response time and high refresh rate meet the high-speed moving image display, ensuring excellent HD camera can shoot every wonderful picture.

    Front and rear-serviced

    Modules, power supplies, receiving cards, Hubs can be removed from the front and rear side to speed up the replacement of major parts

    Unique POGO Pin

    Compared to conventional pin header and female header, POGO pin facilitates a more firm, accurate, stable connection and meanwhile it is of better performance in terms of anti-corrosion and mechanical and electrical property.

    High IP rating and safety ropes

    IP65/IP54 ensures high quality waterproof and dustproof. Safety ropes reduce falling risks in case that modules are disassembled improperly.

    Retractable handle

    As well as saving much space, the retractable handle solves the supporting issue when passed.

    Seamless Splicing

    Cabinets can be connected by four sets of locks in each direction which makes truly seamless splicing possible. Lateral positioning beads and bottom positioning pins ensure flatness in each direction between the cabinets.

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