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GN series(Indoor)

GN 2.6/3.1/3.9/4.8

Space creates possibility

Multi-functional led display, amazing display effect with great noise control,recommended for boardroom, specialty stores, meeting rooms, monitoring and controlling center.


  • Easy assembling

    It is ultra-light, easy for installation, convenient to maintain, It is also a cost effective masterpiece, which represents Lamp’s relentless pursuit of high quality indoor and outdoor fixed and rental products.

    Front installation, saving space.

    Our product provide front access solution you can install the screen from the surface for the wall the thickness (including frame) is only 100mm more space for maintenance and dissipation.

    Front maintenance.

    No maintenance path needed, each module is equipped with magnet cylinder, which connect the module onto the panel structure

    Unified modules design platform for G series

    With module size of 250X250mm, also provides magnet and popup, module assembling method for front and rear access

    High quality die-casting aluminum cabinet

    Ultra high precision CNC workmanship processing precision < 0.1mm; special seamless connection design, cabinet adjustable structure to control the gap within ±0.03 mm.

    Smarter - high efficiency on maintenance

    This newest generation screen adopts full front service, a breakthrough for easy maintenance without tools, which increase the efficiency of repairing and replacement. With a simple press on the module smart structure, users can replace the module within 10 sec, power supply, receiving card can be taken out from the front too.

    Two cabinet options

    Die-casting Aluminum: GN3.9, GN4.8, GN5.9, GN6.9;
    Aluminum profile cabinet: GN3.9C, GN4.8C;

  • GN3.9, GN4.8, GN5.9, GN6.9;

    GN3.9C, GN4.8C;

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