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Micro Series (old)


Ultra High Definition LED Display

Pixel pitch: 1.25 mm;
Brightness: 800 nits;
Cabinets Dimension: 400×300×90 mm

  • Super Slim and Light, Easy to Install

    Each cabinet weigh only: 5 kg/cabinet
    Each cabinet Average area: 0.12 square meter

    Modular magnetic front maintenance

    Remove off modules by magnetic tool in front by one person, easy maintenance

    Clip mask - Better protection of lamps

    Compared with other mask, no screws, increase the contrast.
    Easy to install, remove, simple, convenient and safe.

    Fast cooling, high reliability, excellent performance and long service life

    With die-casting aluminum structure and fan-less design, it has good heat dissipation; low power consumption, high stability

    Service support and development

    3 years of free maintenance;Scalable video 3D effect.

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