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Perimeter LED Display (Outdoor)


LAMP's perimeter display solutions give you the ultimate sports experience - before, during and after the game. As for sponsors and vendors, they will love your LAMP display's attention-grabbing power for promotion for future events, merchandise and concession sales!

  • The option for UEFA

    It totally meets UEFA stadium standard requirement, TUV-EMC certificated, widely used in different sport events.

    High refresh rate, no any glare or water wave for live video

    It ensures the perfect display performance. HD camera can shoot every wonderful scene.

    Independent ground support, high stability

    Flexible angle between 75° and 90° makes sure a best viewing angle. Panels are 2cm above ground, effective water proof.

    Player protection design

    Special soft screen mask and protector design, even by external attack, it can protect the player\\\'s safety.

    Quick installment

    Rational dimension plus quick connection button between cabinets make it quite easy for workers to install.

    Dual backup data system, more reliable

    Adopt dual backup design of data system, when 1 data line breaks down, the other data line will be automatically started to ensure the stable working of display screen, reliable and worry-free.

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