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Lasting series (Outdoor)


Outdoor fixed installation

With 10mm pixel pitch and 12~16 gray scale, The L10D is rugged, IP65 rated solutions that deliver high-resolution images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels. Thank to its waterproof test, IP rating, the L10D is designed for fixed installation in 24/7 outdoor branding and advertising. L10D generates the perfect picture at all times, even in direct sunlight.

  • All weather proof, stable and reliable

    IP65/IP55 rating for both waterproof and sunscreen, it is fully suitable for outdoor all-weather use. Good performance of dust-proof, moisture proof and corrosion ensures long-term use in harsh outdoor environments.

    High-quality materials, safety certification

    Adopts high-quality flame retardant materials and dual-use sheet metal for anti-UV and safer operational environment. In the meanwhile, L10D has passed rigorous testing and authentication, such as salt spray test, VDE certification etc. Durable plugs allows insertion and removal over 2, 000 times.

    Excellent display quality, perfect picture

    Up to 6000cd / m ² brightness, low-grayscale processing, even in direct sunlight, the picture is still clear.

    strict quality management, more professional

    The selection of LED lamps and chips is strictly controlled by the quality control, and the wavelength range is controlled at 5 nm, to ensure color consistency and high quality imagery.

    EMC certification, safety and health

    Products are designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the design to minimize radiation to reduce the impact on the environment and the harm to human body.

    Environmental protection, energy efficiency

    Adopt efficient PFC power supply, synchronous rectification to achieve a variety of functions, over-temperature protection, overload protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection features that make conversion efficiency up to 90%, to ensure the stability of the LED display operation.

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