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Blade series (Indoor)


The cost-effective TN6 indoor LED display offers 6mm pixel pitch and 1,600nits brightness and combines the renowned LAMP image quality with excellent contrast. The TN6 is an extremely reliable display that guarantees 24/7 operation to provide advertisers with ultimate peace of mind.

  • Compatible front & rear maintenance

    Module uses magnetic and fixed screw two installation options, compatible front and rear maintenance, more efficient and flexible.

    Common structure cabinet design, more economical

    Compatible with a variety of pixel pitch, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm that can be replaced individually or mixed applications simultaneously to achieve flexible and personalized design and optimize customer investment cost structure.

    High flatness, perfect seamless connection

    Fine-tuning screw structure adjusts splicing gap precisely for perfect seamless connection. High precision within 0.01mm, precision processing technology and splicing structure ensure the integrity of high-quality picture.

    Slim design

    18kg Weight, 86mm ultra-thin thickness, portable manual handling, small application space.

    Easy installation & maintenance

    Magnetic modules, just 3 minutes installation and maintenance, saving your time and labor costs.

    Quiet environment, zero noise pollution

    Cabinets without noise design and excellent thermal performance provide a quiet and healthy working environment.

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