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Micro Series (old)


The cost-effective indoor HD convention LED display offers high brightness and combines the renowned LAMP image quality with excellent contrast. In the indoor HD display, it's an extremely reliable display that guarantees 24/7 operation to provide advertisers with ultimate peace of mind.

  • Naturalizing color reduction

    The use of internationally leading technology of point-by-point correction and advanced green color reduction and restore functions can perfectly suit to the habit of perception of color by human eye to make sure the entire screen brightness and color with highly reduction and consistency.

    Intelligent brightness adjustment

    High-definition small pitch LED displays create an interactive system for customers to realize ambient brightness acquisition and display terminal brightness control so that the change of brightness of the terminal and ambiance will be intelligently adaptive.

    Delicate images, Visual Feast

    High intensity ensures delicate lifelike images; high contrast, faster response time and high refresh rate meet the high-speed moving image display, ensuring excellent HD camera can shoot every wonderful picture.

    Perfect Equipment, wide range of applications

    HD small pitch LED displays are anti-dizziness, anti-moiré for high-quality live/broadcast and meet the requirements of different applications, particularly suitable for some applications with special requirements in color, such as studios, video conference, TV station, medical display applications.

    Truly seamless connection

    Splicing large screen display technology maximizes customer satisfaction while avoiding the effects of physical borders. Thanks to the large screen LED display\\\\\\\'s advantage of seamless splice, LAMP Technology has been committed to the development and application of seamless splice of large screen products with high-density small pitch.

    Fan-less, ultra-quiet and efficient cooling

    It has good heat dissipation; with fan-less design, low power consumption and ultra-quite working environment, high stability

    Stable and reliable, long-term use

    Support 7 * 24 hours a day, 100,000 hours long life, and there is no need to replace the light source during the life cycle, saving operating and maintenance costs.

    Wide viewing angle

    High-definition big screens are self- emitting units and the color performance of any viewing angle can be kept intact, ensuring you have a larger viewing area, to better meet the needs of different environments.

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