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Solution Proposal for front serviceability Release time:2015-06-26

1. Introduction Program overview:

Proposal of front serviceability solution is to provide the most convenient serviceability from the front of LED display. Under special circumstances, LED displays can’t be maintained from the rear, and the only way to maintain is from the front of cabinets.

In this program, every LED display cabinet can be implemented according to customers' needs.

2. Solution proposal implementation

In this program, Front serviceable series contains four types: traditional front maintenance, magnetic front serviceability, front & rear serviceability and front door serviceability.

Traditional front maintenance:

The solution of traditional front maintenance is that you just screw off the module with electric screwdriver for front serviceability.

Magnetic front serviceability:

The solution of ideal front magnetic serviceability is that you just take down the LED modules just through magnetic module for maintenance.

Front & rear serviceability:

The solution is that you just use the Allen wrench to disassembly modules for front & rear serviceability. It just depends on the customers' needs.

Front door serviceability:

It is suitable for the window screen, boutiques and other special places. Wallmounting installation, free-maintenance channel, has effectively solved the problem of installation space of LED display.

3. Showcase of applications Front door serviceability:

Front door serviceability:

P10 Front door serviceability, in Canada

Front door serviceability

Magnetic front serviceability:

P4 magnetic front serviceability, in Mexico

P4 magnetic front serviceability, in Sweden

P4 magnetic front serviceability, in Sweden

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