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Rental LED Display Solution Release time:2015-09-02

General System configuration

Equipment: Video Processor

During the event, other video equipment like digital TV signal, DVD, high definition video camera will be introduced into the system and shown on the display. A video processor is necessary. Further more, by our technology; the image quality will be enhanced a lot.

Product selected

Brand: Konka
Mode: LD 6000A
Quantity: 1 set


1.  Perfect HD/SD digital and analog video signal input port meet broadcast standard:
One HDMI digital input port( With HDCP Decode )
One DVI digital input port ( With HDCP Decode )
One HD/SD SDI digital input port(Option)
Two HD YPbPr (Support SD YCbCr) component input port
One PC VGA  input port,RGB capture up to 165 MHz
Two Video input port

2.  One S-Video input port
TrueLife™ Video Enhancer
Non-linear Chroma enhancement
Non-linear Luma enhancement
Removal of DVD Chroma Up sampling Error (CUE) introduced by some DVDs

3.  DCDi Cinema® Format Conversion
Low Angle De-interlacing Processing
Per Pixel Motion Adaptive De-interlacing (MADi) for input sources up to 1080i  format
Format conversion for input and display resolutions up to 1080P
Panoramic and anamorphic non-linear scaling
Adaptive Media Display Processing for 3:2 and 2:2 video content
Adaptive 3D Noise Reduction
Media Noise Reduction for MPEG inputs

4.  Advanced Color Management
Advanced 3D Active Color Management™ (ACM-3D) provides flexible programming, polar coordinate representation, and six-axis color control
Flesh tone compensation and image enhancement
Adaptive Contrast and Color™ (ACC) ensures full dynamic range is used in video content

5.  Have four type of controlling method: Keypad、OSD、RS-232C、USB or wireless (Option).

6.  User can use the “quick key” on the front panel to adjust the size and position of the LED screen display window, to switch the input source, to adjust the brightness, to control the output, to reset the factory default value, etc.

7.  The LED indicator on the front panel can tell the user:
The user selected current input source;
The selected current input port which has whether or not the input signal?
The current brightness value grade.

8.  The structure is a 19" standard structure, which can be installed  easily on the 19" standard bin ,at the same time, the fan in the bin force heat to disperse ,to make sure the system high stability.

9.  The system has a real clock in order to realize the brightness and contrast auto-adjust between day and night (especially for the outdoor LED screen) .The system can switch the video mode automatically between the “DAY” mode and the “NIGHT” mode according to the user setup time.

10. The “DVI OUT” max display resolution (that is DVI output resolution) can be changed, support 1440×900, 1280×1024 or 1024×768 resolution LED display screen. You can free setup a window size and position under the max display resolution, the size of window is same as the actual size of the LED display screen.

11. Support more than forty input signal formats.


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