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Intelligent ScoreBoard Release time:2017-01-17


1. More fashion, LED? Yes…

2. Scoreboard to small and medium-sized court

3. System topology

4. Intelligent tablet's function

1). There is the function of preview  while  need more video.  single and Program List's looping
2). The range of WIFI is 50-70M
3). Realtimeagreement,sending at any time and display quickly, saving time and flow,Fast response
4). Scoring and upload & sending program by the same App.There is no an effect while scoring, timing and sending&exchange video.
5). The App is suitable for all of Android system.

Market analysis

1. Present Condition
At a time of growing demand for national policy and sport event.
Government should reduce the tax of building stadium and land - use tax of cities and towns. A notification  has issued by the Department of the Treasury and the State Tax Bureau about “the tax of building stadium and land - use tax of cities and towns” .  it reflects that people are exempt from housing tax and land-use tax of town about eligible land. the State Department takes National fitness programme to as country strategy since 2014.  Buildig stadium will be became a welfare of marketing in led display.
The General Administration of Sport in China  made a request that the added value of the physical education industry accounted for 0.7percent of total GDP.  the sports' facilities have got the development of a long-term.but there is still a contradiction of  the supply lags behind the demand. Even more terrible. However,  The demand of people are an important part for sports facilities. In order to having a better future in sport industry for people during the 13th Five-Year Plan, Authority has implemented a series of measures.

2.The current products are single-function or complicated.
Single-color screen, Single function, No play advertising, raise revenue in advertising for court, need computer and console, complicated use.

Small and medium-sized court, school, factory.etc

Products' solution:
Taking the traditional scoreboard to as a beginning. and update solution, interface of intelligent terminal and achieve interactive function

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