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Sport LED Products

Sport Solution

  • Intelligent ScoreBoard

    Intelligent ScoreBoard

    A intelligent terminal equipment can be either smart phone or tablet, which can set up App to use direct...

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  • LED Proposal for Basketball Stadium

    LED Proposal for Basketball Stadium

    This is a general solution for LED display in basketball stadium which has the functions of timing, scoring, 24S shot clock, displaying advertisement, notification, the information of referees and teams. It is an ideal choice for most of stadiums.…

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  • Solution Proposal for EMC

    Solution Proposal for EMC

    Proposal of EMC solution is to ensure that LED displays avoid electromagnetic interference under the same electromagnetic environment to reduce electronic radiation and improve the capability of interference and anti‐jamming. In this program, every LED display cabinet can be implemented according to customers' needs…

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Sport Cases

  • Italy Federation basketball Championship

    Italy Federation basketball Championship

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  • 2010 Asian Beach Volleyball Championship

    2010 Asian Beach Volleyball Championship

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  • LED perimeter for sicily, Italy

    2013 LED perimeter display for sicily in Italy 220 sqm

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