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Shaped Pillar Screen

Oct 13.2020


Country: Thailand, bangkok
Place: Shopping mall
product: WN4
project size: 230 sqm


Pillar screens are already one of the most popular types of indoor screens, especially in large shopping malls. At the present stage, the column screen is mainly based on a right-angled screen with a chamfered angle. It can play materials on all sides, which is very eye-catching, and thus it is very popular among businesses. In addition, since the technology is mature, the price is relatively affordable.


Of course, artists must not be satisfied with the pursuit of beauty in a single form. Therefore, the shaped pillar screen, as a practical product with both visual aesthetics and 360-degree playback, has also been greatly sought after. However, conventional circular pillar screens in the industry are too single, and curvy screens are ideal.

Shenzhen LAMP has sold many quadrangular display screens and circular pillar display screens in the past 2-3 years. What this article wants to introduce is a more unique project, a curved pillar screen. Because of the “S”-shaped convave and convex shape, it's hard to define how many faces the screen has. This case is also in a shopping mall in Thailand, using our company's best-selling WN products, with a unique appearance and style.

Our WN products can achieve circular circle, concave and convex. The product is light and thin, with a minimum point spacing of P3.2. However, the best seller is P4. In this case, WN4 is used for seamless splicing, and the control box is hidden in the structure. During maintenance, the product can be removed for maintenance directly with the corresponding professional maintenance tools, which is simple and easy to operate. Similar projects continue to grow. Creative products that conform to the market will naturally be favored by the market. We look forward to the emergence of more different splendor.